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IMG4877 IMG4930 IMG4987 Boss happy with an employee's work 500 Five hundred rupee Indian currency notes with coins IMG8937 copy IMG5156 IMG5323 Target Home Loan form with 2000 rupee currency notes Sharing ideas in graphical structures on papers Pune Ganpati 2016 695 X17A6877 Doctor observing reports Hand holding devotional light Business women working with charts Job Happy businessman giving thumbsup Bhigwan 476 Health practitioner observing the X-Ray Doctor with ipad in hands Startup Career Finance Indian currency 2000 rupee  new notes and coins IMG0187 Pune Ganpati 2016 338 IMG4845 Thinking Expressions on the face of a professional Bhigwan 3 064 Focused on work and his career Angry Boss looking at collegue Pune Ganpati 2016 1240 Bhigwan Birds 2017 697 IMG4799 IMG4910 sonography banner X17A7125 Indian currency notes 500 rupee notes with  coins Job Pune Ganpati 2016 138 Indian currency notes 500 rupee notes  and calculator Indian currency notes 500 rupee notes 261 IMG4931 IMG5178 Bhigwan 3 227 IMG0126 IMG4895 Bhigwan2 035 149A1276 X17A6925 149A1030 Businesswoman giving Presentation Looking at White Board Team surgeon at work in operating room Pune Ganpati 2016 449 Pune Ganpati 2016 483 Business man looking at camera 20 twenty rupee Indian currency notes Bhigwan 329 Bhigwan2 089 Bhigwan 3 698 Technical support X17A7102 Money  Home Real Estate 276 IMG0109 IMG5321 149A0713 Employee giving presentation Pune Ganpati 2016 028 Pune Ganpati 2016 1426 Finance Pune Ganpati 2016 1891 two business professionals working over charts Pune Ganpati 2016 071 206 149A1026 Two female employees discussing on the ipad IMG5007 Blurred image of Indian doctors in operation theater. Pune Ganpati 2016 1565 Pune Ganpati 2016 1834 X17A7075 Bhigwan 3 699 Pune Ganpati 2016 1269 Pune Ganpati 2016 1553 Indian currency notes 500 rupee notes IMG5019 Pune Ganpati 2016 380 IMG5344 Pune Ganpati 2016 1217 Construction 151 IMG8904 copy Bhigwan 3 585 Great cormorant Pune Ganpati 2016 189 Pune Ganpati 2016 1290 Two female employees looking at the ipad pencil 180 IMG8837 copy